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By Tipsy Gypsy

Gypsy Here:   Busy Summer , Two of my production guys moved on earlier in the year . I've been making up the slack  after hours and on weekends . We didn't  overbook  orders  this year so not much will change for now . Work is progressing on existing orders in the order they were taken.  Thanks to  everyone for your support .   Production  space is limited this year - I am making as many patches as I can  .  Its important that I dont  overbook  and generate  a massive backlog .

Squadron Order Que :
  My bench is full .  No space to take on new  squadron work at this time
. When I get  most of my production list completed  Ill  post an opening note here .

 The nametag line is  still open  Flight jacket name tags and US flag orders  ship around  9 weeks at this time ..  To order a name tag :  send us an email with  wing, text and color choices  and we will get you set up . We only make one  grade of nametag , Fully embossed ,  Hand colored with hand typeset fonts...  The best we make .

 The  webstore at  is open  and stock items there ship within a few days .  

We made changes this year ,  We shifted our  custom production to Squadron / Command orders   and stopped  taking  small Individual custom patch orders.  For these folks I'm  doing  Inventory  that gets stocked on the webstore for immediate purchase . This  is  a more  efficient  way to  work and it allows me to leverage my resources for maximum output @  max quality all the time .  

Gypsy's Workbench:

  Thank you  to all  for keeping us  very busy .  
Our production capacity  is small  and we have  generated some epic backlogs in the past.  This year Gypsy is our only production guy -  Be patient,  Im old .

Patch Orders for Individuals -  
 I am  stocking patches  on our Webstore at  You can browse whats in stock pay and  check out with the cart  This will  keep us from having to  make a patch from scratch for every order . This also means you  can get  a patch right away  as long as its in stock .  If you dont see what you need , send us a wish list email and Ill  see about getting it in stock .

Squadron Orders :  the majority of our production  capacity is reserved for the squadrons  / PAO /XO or whoever runs shotgun for your  patch  program .  If you need  a new setup  or  more quantity than we have in stock on the web - or you need everything made from the same batch .  This is where you get  it done .  Our Min Order for this service level is 15 patches     Contact us if your Interested in a Squadron buy  

   Change Orders:
   Additional  patches  or  changes once your order is  in work.
Case by case depending on how far along we are  with the work
Once Nametags are typeset into the leather  they can not be changed .  webstore:  I set this up  so you can access everything I have in stock that isn't set aside for another order .  Anything you order there is in inventory and gets shipped within a few  days.  I also have limited qtys of  2nd quality patches  available at  discount price . If its there and you want it,  Use the shopping cart.   Click on the A-7 Pic below  to go to the web store.
        Keep your tail feathers dry,

   Click on the link or the A7 pic below to go to the new web store . 
                                     Gypsy's Patch Shop

                           Gypsy Patch shop


 DOD and other US Govt  email addresses  make correspondence very difficult to send and receive photos and invoice attachments . Please use Gmail or other non official  email  so we can stay in contact 
   My quotes , pricing and work slot is good for 30 days.  please respond promptly.     

   We  ship within the  United  States ,and to  APO , FPO , Deployed  Military & family 


(904)-269-1369    or email us at



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