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Gypsy Here:  We Humbly appreciate what each of you do for our Country. Service doesn't get much press these days but without it we would all be in sorry shape . Many of you ( an impressive number of you ) have contacted me/us about orders for classic embossed patches ... It made me remember why I /we  do this.  

   I'm going to keep the  classic stuff available for those that want it .  Be patient with us - The old stuff is not easy to do in the quantitys we are asked to make.  I have some staffing issues to deal with longterm but I will work on  getting a classic catalog back on this site  asap .

 So to recap ,   Your going to be able to get classic Gypsy Embossed tags and Patches  from us .  We will be doing Individual and squad orders ,   You don't need to Panic order stuff  - were going to be here .  Please Wait for the Catalog to go up .

           Nuff said    V.R.               
 We  added a catalog page for the new Pro Line patches on the Price list link (side menu bar) . The prices are listed along with a decent pic of each patch . Hop over to and I have 5mp  pics of everything along with ready to ship stock of each . 

   Pro Line Patches
We're adding a new  Patch format  to the shop. These are  Uniquely Gypsy  on  quality  leather  at an affordable  price.  Low relief  design  with textured color that  stands off the leather .  These  hold up well and can be worn with  any of our patches and tags.    You will find them on the catalog page under "Pro Line "  We have stock available at
 The nametag line is  open  Flight jacket name tag  orders  ship around 8 weeks at this time ..  To order a name tag :  send us an email with  wing, text and color choices  and we will get you set up .

Patch Orders  -  
    Classic Embossed  . Wait for the new catalog to be posted  webstore:  I set this up  so you can access everything I have in stock that isn't set aside for another order .  Anything you order there is in inventory and gets shipped within a few  days.  I also have limited qtys of  2nd quality patches  available at  discount price . If its there and you want it,  Use the shopping cart.  
   Click on the link or the A7 pic below to go to the new web store . 
                                     Gypsy's Patch Shop

                           Gypsy Patch shop


 DOD and other US Govt  email addresses  make correspondence very difficult to send and receive photos and invoice attachments . Please use Gmail or other non official  email  so we can stay in contact 
   My quotes , pricing and work slot is good for 30 days.  please respond promptly.     

   We  ship within the  United  States ,and to  APO , FPO , Deployed  Military & family 


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