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Gypsy News:   05/10/2019

      Changes:  We are  doing things a  bit differently  this year .  

      I am  building Inventory  to stock  our most requested patches on the webstore  at  .   You can  go to the site, find the patch  in stock ,  checkout and  it ships  in a day or two .  If you have issues with checkout  you can call us and  pay manually .

 It will take time to build our stock levels , If you  see something  in our catalog at tgpatch that is not in the webstore  drop me an email  with wishlist in the supject line and Ill  see if its possible to get  some  in stock.

     Nametags   have  their own  production line .  You can get a  tag  in  8 weeks now .  You   need to email  us what you want  on the tag  and pay for it when we invoice you -U.S. Flags are available with tag orders as long as I have them in  stock .  

 Squadron  Orders : These will proceed as they have in the past with the exception that I will no longer book more work than I can produce in my quarterly schedule .  Our requirement is one contact person, one payment source and a 15 patch min order .     

Status Checks :  If you need to check  on an order  you can do so via email . You must be the  person who placed the order or their  designated  2nd .  I will need  the  Order / Quote number .  I will be able to  tell you which step or stage the order is in and  a ballpark  best estimate  for completion .   

  For  years we  produced  each patch and  name tag as a custom order. We made each item specifically for that order  . This kind of production is well suited  for very small volume  but  It generates huge problems  when you need to scale up to large numbers of orders .

Finally reached the point where  we  were running ourselves to death  trying to  make our  custom  methods  fit  the number of orders we are receiving . Decided to move away  from "every order is custom"   to   producing and stocking   popular  patches on our web store   I'm  reserving  custom  production to  name tags and   a limited number of squadron  orders .  It will take time to get  our stock levels up to par  and  I expect a few rough spots will need attention as we encounter them .  


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